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    deprecate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word deprecate

    (verb) express strong disapproval of; deplore Definition
    (verb) belittle
    Synonyms : depreciate , vilipend
    Example Sentence
    • The teacher should not deprecate his student's efforts
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for deprecate

You can think of it as the opposite of appreciate (as in devalue against value). So lack of appreciation;ie,humiliation or belittling.

deprecate(relate this to depreciate)...and doller started depreciating ..textiles and software companies protested against it.

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Adding an "i" behind "c" of the word Deprecate, we have Depreciate which has the same meaning as Deprecate.

de-prec-ate = remove the preciousness of something , thus disapprove or belittle it.

(just remember PREvious to CAT) deprecate means PROTEST AGAINST CAT exam PREviously.

Java 1.2's warning as methods are deprecated.. they are saying we are not approving it usage anymore

depreciate the cake amt, shopkeeper express disapproval

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