denouement - Dictionary definition and meaning for word denouement

(noun) the outcome of a complex sequence of events Definition
(noun) the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work

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de + NOUncEMENT(ANNOUNCEMENT)..SO you are making an annoucement of your company's FINAL OUTCOME report.DEAL + ANOUNCEMENT
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The deal was announced after it was done.
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Announcement at the starting of a program or play and denouement at the ending of a program or play
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The DENOUEMENT -> DONE + MOUNT. You know when a cowboy film is DONE because the cowboy MOUNTS his horse and rides off into the sunset.
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Denouement is pronounced DAY-NEW-MAW...The resolution of any day, leads to the beginning of a NEW DAY.
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denouement - Break it as DONE-NOW-MEANT and rearrange: The play is MEANT to be DONE NOW
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In a quick change of events he gave an endowment of 50millin dollars to the program!
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the final out of auto biography of Gandhi monument made many people follow ahimsa.
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all den owed mentioning all nonravelings of the plot are work of literature should be out to come
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the Day the results are announced, the announcement day of results or final outcome after long series of movie or exams or sports or whatever
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denouement of the document
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