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    demure - Dictionary definition and meaning for word demure

    (adj) affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way
    Synonyms : coy , overmodest
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for demure

demur is the one who objects; demure is who doest not object, who is reserved and shy

Demure(adjective) is for a shy or modest person Demur (verb) is to voice opposition..[which in a sense is not something a shy person will do] Adding 'e' makes question raising person shy and modest.

since you have objected demi moore's proposal she is demure

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First thing that comes in mind on reading this is Demi Moore. Demure stands for everything that Demi Moore is not , reserved modest and shy. So remember Demure as opposite of Demi Moore

demure sounds like deMUTE, and everyone knows that when something is on mute, words are difficult to come out! =D

DE + MU + RE = thoda sharam kar aur duusron ke kaamon me MUh mat DE RE

You demur at demure woman

demure -> de + m(u)(a)re from "mare" (dead) you can relate it to grave.

demure rhymes with sure if one is sure of theirself they are opposite of demure

demure = de(the) + mu (manchester united) + r(are) + e (energetic not arrogant).

demure-> gents(dem) when ur wife want to be Reserved, modest, and shy.

girls murmur to hubby because they are reserved & shy

The real Demi moores of our real life society are actually demure, but demi moore of hollywood is just the very opposite quite the converse

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