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    defray - Dictionary definition and meaning for word defray

    (verb) bear the expenses of
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for defray

def + ray -> by paying for their education, you provide a "ray" of hope for "deaf" people!!

it rhymes with PAY

When you are taking someone to the hotel, you have to 'bear the expenses', other wise the hotel manager might say "I will def[deep] + fray[fry] => deep fry you in this torrid frying pan."

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defray - when one is fed (DEFray;read def of defray as FED) up of one's loans , one prays (sounds like fray) to god that somebody takes up the responsibility of repaying it (bear the expenses of it )

defray-when some one close to you is 'def'..u pay the expenses of taking x-'ray'..

consider FRAY which means a fight.. In a FRAY you break one's bones then you will have to DEFRAY him by paying for the fracture.. :)

DEEP FRIED fish is tasty but u have to pay the expense

THE PAY(salary)- when I would get my TE PAY then I would defray for everything.

Defray > Fra > franc; it is the currency of France.

Evil genius paid the expense of the deaf ray plan to make the whole world deaf.

When your servant shows up wearing FRAYED clothes, you pay to DE-FRAY them

def gril want yamaha ray - provide the payment and bear the expense of the petrol

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