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    decapitate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word decapitate

    (verb) cut the head of
    Synonyms : behead , decollate
    Example Sentence
    • the French King was beheaded during the Revolution
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for decapitate

capitate(capital)->say head of country->so decapitate means dehead or behead

de = down, cap = head => "decapitate" then means "cut that head down"

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de+cap+tata; when do you say “tata” to cap, sorry but you don’t have a “head” you are “beheaded”

de-cap= behead... also it rhymes with decapacitate... which means to kill

DE CAP IT ATE had a BE(e's)HEAD in it(sry if it is too silly and wierd).

decapitate : lets make it like a vampire ne [the]de cap [rakhane ki jaga head] ,and it [cap][kha liya]ate

decapitate(the +cap+ate) the cap is ate with head by rhino ,so man is behead

decapitate-> take the head with the cap

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