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    decadence - Dictionary definition and meaning for word decadence

    (noun) the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for decadence

cadence:rhythmic rise and fall (of words and sound).. so de + cadence is only a fall to a lower level without any rising..

DECADENCE--->> DECADE means a period of ten years..so something into existence since decades would have been decayed till now...simple...:)

Decadence ~~ Decayance ~~ Decaying .. So, Decay

DECAY+DANCE.......now a days the way heroines are dancing is degrading as far as vulgarity is concerned....

the word itself resembles the answer-deca-dence.

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this word sounds like decay hence some object decays means it is deteriorating.

decadence-> dec month dance will make u fall to lower level bcos of icy floor. The food you throw while falling will decay in time

decadence=decay+dance-> fall to lower level

In this decade density is atmospheric intensity increasing deteriorating the environment.

the one which is present from DECADES will decay!.

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