Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for daunt

daunt = haunt = if you are frightened you will be discouraged to go into the haunted house.

this mnemonic is in hindi....daunt..sounds simillar to "daant"(scolding) aur jab bhi daant padti hai we easily get disheartened and frightened.

daunt sounds like DON'T,means som1 discouraging u

DAUNT sounds like "taunt".... When anyone taunts u u get dishartened

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sounds like DAAT(to scold in hindi)....when you scold children frequently(DAAT), they become discouraged......

Daunt=aunt means ladies always frighten about their work mostly that what they are doing

determination haunt;due to frightening by haunting determination is decreased or lessened

danger+aunt->frighten, dishearten,dicourage

daunt ~ D (dog) + AUNT; My aunt was daunted by the dog in front of our house.

DAUNT = d + aunt; The aunt y always discourage about success.

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