coterie - Dictionary definition and meaning for word coterie

(noun) an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
Synonyms : camp , clique , ingroup , inner circle , pack

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sounds like KOTHARI (in hindi it means an enclosed room) -- where people with common purposes meet.
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When Michael Jackson Died, TIMES NOW flashed a news: COTORIE KILLED MJ; i.e. A small group of close people presurrizes MJ to perform against his wish and thus killed him
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cot+ erie ; on cot only small group with common interests sleep together
5        11
KUTRI(female dog)....A SMALL GROUP of dogs is always present near a female dog especially during the mating season....
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coterie => snds like ROTARY;so group that meets socially
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Coterie - Kota + re..... kota ( palace / or fort ) lo nivasinche vallu and their RElatives are exclusive set of ppl...
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