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    corroborate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word corroborate

    (verb) establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
    Example Sentence
    • his story confirmed my doubts
    • The evidence supports the defendant
    (verb) give evidence for
    Synonyms : validate
    (verb) support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm
    Synonyms : bear out , support , underpin
    Example Sentence
    • The stories and claims were born out by the evidence
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for corroborate

just focus on borate part of this word -- Borate test is a confirmatory test in chemistry.

sounds like collaborate => to support

visaulize ROBOT( coROBOrate) standing firm with support.

It sounds like "CARBO-HYD-RATE" , which SUPPORTS in human growth

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CORROBORATE mean to give support...CORBO LORBO JEETBO...by singing this song people support KKR...

corroborate sounds like "correlate" if two variable correlate then the causal evidence is strengthened or confirmed!

Co+Robbers. Both robbers combine to strengthen their skills.

corroborate is similar to collaborate which is again support or assistance

if u'll CO+ROB i.e rob together and then ORATE(speak publically) about ur robbings then you will confirm(CORR0BORATE) the fact that you are a robber !!!

Corroborate and Robust are built on same latin root (robur = strengthen)

sounds like cooperate--to support

Karra tesukuni burra medha kodithe adi corroborate

The police was trying to find evidence to confirm the COR(car) ROBbery

Corroborate = korro (do)+ bor (boring)+ rate; do boring is always required support of some ppl with unnecessary gossip.

carbeuretter supports vehicles

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