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    congenial - Dictionary definition and meaning for word congenial

    (adj) suitable to your needs
    Example Sentence
    • a congenial atmosphere to work in
    • two congenial spirits united...by mutual confidence and reciprocal virtues
    (adj) (used of plants) capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for congenial

Genelia Desouza was suitable, appropriate ,compatible and pleasant for Jaane tu Janne na movie

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con(same)+genial(gene jaise). Having same kind of genes. If genes are same then the nature and tastes may match.

its con +genial.... so remember genelia she's always 'pleasant'

congenial..think of genial..cordial which implies friendly.

CANNED GENI = a friend in a can.

Congenial = con (connected) + gen ( general) + i + al; I have connected all general caste ppl.

consider "geni"..."genie" in alladin is frndly

Jack deniel is a premium whisky, and all the drinker feel better and pleasant when having Jack deniel.

con(call)geni(the genie of)alladin movie who is very friendly

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