coercion - Dictionary definition and meaning for word coercion

(noun) the act of compelling by force of authority Definition
(noun) using force to cause something to occur
Synonyms : compulsion
Example Sentence
  • though pressed into rugby under compulsion I began to enjoy the game
  • they didn't have to use coercion

Memory aid to help you memorize this

U must hav read COERCIVE forces in physics...
37        4
resembles forcy on. => force on?
8        18
co(go)er(there)cion(son)when compelled it creates aversion for u
3        2
coax+aversion:rhymes with aversion; Her coax withered away my aversion for it .
2        3
coercion=coerc(cohesive)+ion....ion is strongly forece is required to deteach it....
1        1
corer-cion=koria use atomic test to force to get someone to buy
0        3

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