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    clog - Dictionary definition and meaning for word clog

    (noun) footwear usually with wooden soles
    Synonyms : geta , patten , sabot
    (noun) any object that acts as a hindrance or obstruction Definition
    (noun) a dance performed while wearing shoes with wooden soles; has heavy stamping steps
    Synonyms : clog dance , clog dancing
    (verb) become or cause to become obstructed
    Synonyms : back up , choke , choke off , clog up , congest , foul
    Example Sentence
    • The leaves clog our drains in the Fall
    • The water pipe is backed up
    (verb) dance a clog dance Definition
    (verb) impede the motion of, as with a chain or a burden
    Example Sentence
    • horses were clogged until they were tamed
    (verb) impede with a clog or as if with a clog
    Synonyms : constipate
    Example Sentence
    • The market is being clogged by these operations
    • My mind is constipated today
    (verb) coalesce or unite in a mass
    Synonyms : clot
    Example Sentence
    • Blood clots
    (verb) fill to excess so that function is impaired
    Synonyms : overload
    Example Sentence
    • Fear clogged her mind
    • The story was clogged with too many details
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clog seems pretty like block which implies the blockage like the narrow streets was cogged by the traffic jam

Word used in video below:
text: elephant is a clever clog
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