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    cleave - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cleave

    (verb) separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
    Synonyms : rive , split
    Example Sentence
    • cleave the bone
    (verb) make by cutting into
    Example Sentence
    • The water is going to cleave a channel into the rock
    (verb) come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation
    Synonyms : adhere , cling , cohere , stick
    Example Sentence
    • The dress clings to her body
    • The label stuck to the box
    • The sushi rice grains cohere
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cleave

just relate it to cleavage..

cleave-Cant LEAVE...hold together.

the cleavage holds the melon pack firmly

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it is a funnt word...it means both STICK TO and SPLIT...!!!

cleaveland state university is divided based on the branches it has, so cleave means split

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