chalice - Dictionary definition and meaning for word chalice

(noun) a bowl-shaped drinking vessel; especially the Eucharistic cup
Synonyms : goblet

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it is pronounced as chaalis (40); imagine ali baba 40 chor having jadui cup .. or very prestigious cup : ornamented with gems
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CHALICE can be pronounced as CHAI PLEASE... so he gets you CHAI in a CONSECRATED CUP
16        0
ch+alice visualize Alice having a consecrated cup
5        10
chalice->u ask your friend showing the glass CHAL ICE dhaal..
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Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire.
4        0
alice in wonderland remember the girl ll become big and small by drinking a liquid in consecrated cup. chalice = holy cup
2        1
chalice(chai) + lice (chinese people drink chai in a bowl-shaped vessel)
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chalice=chal(go) wil u go and get ice?.... in a cup or vessel
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