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    centurion - Dictionary definition and meaning for word centurion

    (noun) (ancient Rome) the leader of 100 soldiers
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for centurion

centurion -> century -> 100; thus it means a leader of 100 soldiers.

Sachin(Indian Cricket's army man) scored a blistering century @ the centurion to become a centurion watched by hundreds of spectators. Put all these together to get the meaning of the word

Centurion mattress remember one add is there... It leads all mattress...

Centurion sounds similar to centuries. Sachin leads the table with the most number of centuries scored.

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saikia assamese surnames means having 100 soldiers under him. Same as centurion. There is one more assamese surname hazarika(bupen hazarika) who has 1000 soldiers under him.

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