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    censorious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word censorious

    (adj) harshly critical or expressing censure
    Example Sentence
    • was censorious of petty failings
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for censorious

overly serIOUS abt CENSORing---harshly critical or disapproving

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censor-ious -> means like sensor; people like sensor always try to find fault of others and criticize them

CENSORship is a very CRITICAL issue

it can be read as ''CENSE(sense)+serIOUS''. Which implies that it senses like its getting serious or severely critical.

censor board find it full of or(bad scenes) severely critical and disapproved it.

In ancient eastern Asia, a censor was a government official whose primary duty was to scrutinize the conduct of officials and rulers.

break it like censor+serious censor board is very srious on the director of the film

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