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    celibate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word celibate

    (noun) an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity Definition
    (adj) abstaining from sexual intercourse
    Synonyms : continent
    Example Sentence
    • celibate priests
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CELEBRITY are all opposite to celibate as: they do sex and are polyandry/polygamy (having multiple wife/husband) as they take divorce and again get married.. !!

Celibate=celina+abate which means abating sex with Celina Jaitley (a popular bollywood actress)

sorry for this...Masterbate(to involve in sex)is the opposite of celibate

celibRate because u r hanumanji ke bhakt...i.e baalbahmchari

remember masturbate.. someone who masterbates usually does so beacuse of a lack of a sex life!!

celib+ ate, Celebrity usually do more than one marriage have many sexual relationships ate means away or finish as we ate dinner its finished, so CELIBATE, so the meaning

celibate-->celebrity...Most of the celebrities lyk KATRINA r still "UNMARRIED"

ate + celebrity already, so no more sexual intercourse.(abstaining from sexual intercourse)

celibate = celebrity + mate. celebrities will have several marriage or mating. celibate is opposite to tat

celi + bate >>> Celina Jateley bate some celebrity as he tried to have sex with her and she is against sex and doesn wanna do it..

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