cavalier - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cavalier

(noun) a gallant or courtly gentleman
Synonyms : chevalier
(noun) a royalist supporter of Charles I during the English Civil War
Synonyms : royalist
(adj) given to haughty disregard of others
Synonyms : high-handed

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CAVALIER sounds like cavalry, which is the part of the army which serve on the horse back and they are definitely more arrogant than the soldier on feet
36        4
ca+vali+er link it with "Vali" of Ramayan..he was arrogant
24        10
cavalier -> cava(name of a person) + liar; cava is a liar. he makes instant(offhand) lie and also arrogant in nature.
4        7
CAVALary+hIER=knights or people of high rank(hier) these people are generally ARROGANT to poor people
3        3
it sounds like kavali .. kavali gane wala mast rehta hai..
2        3
think of lebron james of the cleveland cavaliers who his really arrogant and does not bother passing the ball to any of his teammates!!
1        3
King Ravan was angered on his cavalier(sarathi) careless attitude when he got him out of battlefield during on-going war.
1        3
cavalier -> caval(security), knight security casual,offhand but arrogant.
1        0
cavalier ~ kav-va-li (singing activity) all person who sing kav-vali dress up royal
0        4
cava+lier...CAVA(crow)and crow is always arrogant
0        4
Cavalier - Like Kavali While doing kavali, people move their hand ,so offhand
0        2
cavalier = ca-valor = caval-lier both together, a valorous person who lies i.e he is arrogant and haughty more than true valor
0        3
Cavalry: Horse Riders(ier) are always arrogant
0        0
Asking arrogantly, CAVALI + ER??
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