catharsis - Dictionary definition and meaning for word catharsis

(noun) (psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions
Synonyms : abreaction , katharsis
(noun) purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels
Synonyms : katharsis , purgation

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CATHA sounds like KATHA(a religious story in hindi)..KATHA leads to the purging(means release) of emotional tensions.
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Lets put it this way: the INDIAN KATHA was so inpiring that it led to the gettin rid of emotions!! meaning2:cath+arse...ARSE means the part of body where u get rid of sumthing
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cath + 'arse' : so its used for evacuation of the bowels
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kaththu + archesi (after all the shouting you feel relaxed, giving up all emotions)
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CATHER....A TUBE that is used in some chemical test(related to abdominan) where it is inserted into the body for cleansing .so doing a test with cather is catharsis.
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CATHAR+sis : Kathe +sis. By teling u r daily kathe(stories) to u r sis, u will feel relaxed and thus cleansing of emotion is also done
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Catharsis=Cut hairs.To remove licks and clean.
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From "katha rus" u can relieve ur mind n pure your soul
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Kasaav(a Hindi word meaning tension) ke recess
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Catharsis = cat (cut) + har (hair) + sis (sister); Cut hair sister i.e purging hair.
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cut hair of sis in movie made him feel for his dead sister
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CATHARSIS = KATH (KATTU)+ARSE = You feel relieved
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