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    catechism - Dictionary definition and meaning for word catechism

    (noun) a series of question put to an individual (such as a political candidate) to elicit their views Definition
    (noun) an elementary book summarizing the principles of a Christian religion; written as questions and answers
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for catechism

Catechism (Break it like CAT + MECHISM) Where CAT reminds us of CAT (the exam) and CAT(HOLIC) so Christianity funda... MECHISM reminds us of MECHANISM (Question Answer Pattern of the Exam).

catechism -> cat(holic) + techism. The technique of understanding catholism.

The "cataclysm" (major disaster or war) resulted in a "cataclasm" (disruption) of the "catechism" (instruction in Christian beliefs given in a question-and-answer format) classes.

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