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    catcall - Dictionary definition and meaning for word catcall

    (noun) a cry expressing disapproval Definition
    (verb) utter catcalls at
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for catcall

if someone CALLs me a CAT there will be a shout of disapproval from my side n i would boo at them back

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all the cat were calling rats but rats made a "catcall"

If sexy catwoman calls you for sex, what will you do?

catcalls or booing from the crowd made Symo a cat on hot bricks...(cat on hot bricks means nervous..its an idiom which you s'd be knowing...and andrew symonds is a controversial cricketer..u s'd know this if u follow cricket

if CATs start to CALL eachother in the night, u want them to STOP! so u catcall

even if its sachin tendulkar...he has to face CATCALLS when not in form...!!!

if someone about to deliberately step on to yout pet cat's call(kaalu-telugu)..wat u would do??definitely der wil b a shout of disaproval from u

if we cat(girl)call we will shout with disapproval.

cat+call --> When in circus, if tehy bring cat instead of a lion or tiger..people will say boo...they dont want cat and they disapprove

to call someone like a dog.means to disapprove someone.

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