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    carnage - Dictionary definition and meaning for word carnage

    (noun) the savage and excessive killing of many people
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for carnage

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If under aged people drive the car, there is a possibility that he may kill people or animals on the road.

carn+age where carn can be seen from the carnivorous point of view so its DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, SLAUGHTER,KILLING...

carnage = car + rage(remove n). A car coming in rage may result in mass killing or mass destruction.

CAR+NAGE.....SOME young people went on rampAGE with thier CARS ON THE FOOTPATH , killing large NUMBER OF PEOPLE .

carnivorous age..implies destruction!!!

CAR+NAZI - NAZIs coming in CAR and it led to carnage of many jews.

CAR+AGE:when a CAR gets AGED its sent for as scrap (destruction)

car+age you know these days cars don't last long they easily are destroyed, killing people, a destruction.

let us say carnage is a age like the iron age where slaughtering and destruction of life took place

remember carnage as a carnaval+rage when many people gathered but because of the rage, there were mass murders.

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