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    caricature - Dictionary definition and meaning for word caricature

    (noun) a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect
    Synonyms : imitation , impersonation
    (verb) represent in or produce a caricature of
    Synonyms : ape
    Example Sentence
    • The drawing caricatured the President
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for caricature

Jim Carry is famous for his facial caricatures because he shows all kinds of distorted faces.

cari"character"+cature"kachra....garbage" caricature => character ka kachra > distort

cari+cature..(creature)..so wHEN YOU MAKE a DISTORTED IMAGE OF OUR ANCIENT CREATURES , YOU are sure to get criticizm from everywhere.

caricature can be divided intocarry and nature so..jim carry's nature is to distort his face and imitate people to create a comic gesture

cari + creature : kaisa creature hai..as if u've seen something unsual

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when a car is sent to cature(crushing) machine it become distorted(become pull or twist out of shape.).

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