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    callow - Dictionary definition and meaning for word callow

    (adj) young and inexperienced
    Synonyms : fledgling , unfledged
    Example Sentence
    • a fledgling enterprise
    • a fledgling skier
    • an unfledged lawyer
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for callow

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Callow = Cal + low; caliber is low. (madness) as well as cal-low= YOUTH N IMMATURE PPL DO THAT!

callow-->cow--->milk Paal vadiyum mugam unakku means naive, inexperienced, immature.

callow - c+allow : immature person can not allow to do this

callow - call low, NO i can't call them, they are just to low,immature, to be invited to the party.

CALLOW also means immature....SHALLOW rhymes with CALLOW...callow people are shallow(immature) from within....

Childish + shALLOW = CALLOW

callow is similar to~kalou who is a player of Chelsea who is one of the inexperienced player in the side..

callow == c + allow == cidds(kids)+ allow == kids r not allowed here because they r so immatured.

CAL(calories)+LOW(less).If we have less calories we look young and then we are YOUTH.

c-allo(allu)-w: allu in kannada means milk.so kids drink milk..kids are immature and inexperienced

My servant Kaloo (callow here) is very immature.

call+low....Inexperienced employee gets low(less) calls from companies...

Callow rhymes with shallow. Imagine a scuba diver diving with his gear, because it is his first time swimming. He is immature, as he does not know the basics of swimming. You do not need a scuba suit to jump into a shallow pool.

opposite to mellow

A callow sparrow alway flies low! How is it ;)

callow rhyms with shallow.. a shallow sea has got nothing in it..

when she saw me getting a call she made a sound OWW>> how callow she is

call low. Low/less calls. Ppl with less experience get less calls

callow= KAL + LO . A guy saying the other guy k ye saman mere se KAL LO, because today i m unsexperienced an immature..

Callow: Calf: who is a immature.

callow sounds like Kalilo i.e. they are young,immature and inexperienced

Callow - Hallow thats empty inside, lacking adult maturity, in experienced

callow resemble to COW like which do not where to go

callow- "kal aao...aaj inexperienced ho"

all are allowed in the pub. P.s-Immatures and inexperienced youth are prohibited.

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