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    cacophony - Dictionary definition and meaning for word cacophony

    (noun) a loud harsh or strident noise
    Synonyms : blare , blaring , clamor , din
    (noun) loud confusing disagreeable sounds
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cacophony

Sounds like "Cough" (a HARSH sound). It also sounds like "Coffin"(a harsh image).

If caco phones so many times , he or she will have irrited,unpleasent.

remember the croaking sound made by the frogs which is irritating...

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If caco makes us a phone from a not reachable place we hear loud confusing disagreeable sounds

a loud unpleasant mixture of sounds like in a jam traffic: a cacophony of car horns and shouting

caco(Kaku=aunty) + phony(sound) >> aunty talks in a harsh sound always and shouts...irritating x-(

Carol & Jake 7 & 8 both hate singer Cold Bait. Carol says his hair looks like CACA, Jake thinks the bloke a PHONY mate. Their uncle calls him a Macaw!! There's nary a soul who doesn't hate, the awful noise that comes from his maw!

Think about 1,000 parrots all saying Cockado dool in a distorted way.

cacophony sounds like echo(re-sound)+ phone. if we get echos while we r talking it is so noisy and harsh to hear

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