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    buttress - Dictionary definition and meaning for word buttress

    (noun) a support usually of stone or brick; supports the wall of a building
    Synonyms : buttressing
    (verb) reinforce with a buttress
    Example Sentence
    • Buttress the church
    (verb) make stronger or defensible
    Example Sentence
    • buttress your thesis
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for buttress

remember by your BUTT or BUTTOCKS ! what do they do? They provide you with a padding when ypu sit, giving support.. :)

If you have big but (hope you know what ‘but’ is), you will have extra support

buttress=butt rest...butt gives u support so u tk rest on ur butt generally while sleeping or sitting

butts rests on support

buttress…..sounds simillar to mistress………….when i failed my exams due to my ill health ,it was my biology mistress who understood my problem and supported me in my tough time.

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buttress ends with "tress" can be read as truss, truss are usually created in order to strengthen the stucture (Mech)

sometimes u need to put u need to put butter on your stories to support it

butt(container to store liquid)+ress(sounds like rest.) ..plz get only one butt ,as we need it as a support to our existing water supply,rest we have got big tankers for this purpose.

buttress sounds like butter which is used to cover the bread for taste......so its gives support to the bread ...then it taste's well

Buttress = but (put) + tress (stress); give stress for support at back by a pile.

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