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    burgeon - Dictionary definition and meaning for word burgeon

    (verb) grow and flourish
    Example Sentence
    • The burgeoning administration
    • The burgeoning population
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for burgeon

Burge+on sounds like Bulge which means growing big

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burgeon ~ burger; If you eat a lot of burgers, you will gain weight (hence grow)

If you eat a lot of BURGers you will BrinG ON the weight!

Can be pronounced as -- > bur – grow – on, grow on meaning grow forth, ahead

bad jaana (bur+geon) in hindi .to increase in number

burgeon..urge+on..if u hav dat urge(a strong impulse, inner drive) set to on..den defntely u vl grow and florish

A good plastic surgeon will make you thinner. A <B>bad surgeon</B> will do the opposite and make you grow bigger.

a BIRD takes flight

sounds like BURGER...when you eat only burgers, your size will INCREASE RAPIDLY........

burgeon- reminds us of the word bargari in kannada...u can somewhat relate it to it..

relate with BURGER..if v eat BURGER we will grow big..

Ice burg-on surface of ocean looks small but really big inside tghe ocean.

the sURGEON helps population GROW by reducing the amount of ppl die thru surgery.

burgeon , ge + on .. its like go on .. so it means flourish or grow rapidly

BURGE similar to BULGE meaning to expand rapidly

sounds like bulgeon... which is becoming bulge... i.e. growing in size..

The kitten grows so rapidly as if she was Be-URGEd-ON to flourish.

The doctor was so clever, he quickly burgeoned as surgeon

eat lots of (burge)rs and grow fatter, it's (on) your hand.

burgeon sounds like Gurgaon.... this is one of the fastest developing cities of India..

I burgeon when i drink BURGUNDY!

BURGEr+piGEON = if you eat too many burgers you grow like a pigeon!

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