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    brunt - Dictionary definition and meaning for word brunt

    (noun) main force of a blow etc
    Example Sentence
    • bore the brunt of the attack
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for brunt

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Brunt: It sounds like burnt. The area of the land which was hit the meteoroid was badly BRUNT due to main impact/shock created by the collision

Break it as Bra-aunt. So if you see neighbour Aunt in bra, you will have what? shock and main impact :P

brunt-run is the word to check .people will run,wen there is an impact or shock.

in a HUNT, poor animals bear the blow(BRUNT)

brunt of current

sounds lyk when the wire is Burnt-BRUNT we might get SHOCK

See it as BRU + blUNT, BRU is a popular & nice coffee, but it made me dumbfound by its blunt taste.

brunt is similar to burnt. Think it like some main impact of injury or someone's death.

If u want to BR(bear)+UNT(hunt) ie hunt a bear u need to give him a major impact

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