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    brevity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word brevity

    (noun) the use of brief expressions Definition
    (noun) the attribute of being brief or fleeting
    Synonyms : briefness , transience
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for brevity

brief + tea session,tea time is short.......

well it can be thought as brave+witty and CONCISED into brevity or it can be similar to brief

brevity sounds like levity which means lightness..when something is light it means it is short and concise..

Brevity= Brief+Witty

Think BREath , VITamin. You take deep BREATHs trying to survive in a pit full of VITAMINS. You inhale more and more vitamins causing your life to be very BRIEF.

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Brevity = br( brave) + evity (evidence); brave evidence describes everything in brief.

Rhymes with Gravity..when we fall under gravity..the fall is free fall and is short period of time.

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