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    black-and-white - Dictionary definition and meaning for word black-and-white

    (adj) lacking hue or shades of grey; part white and part black
    Example Sentence
    • a black-and-white cow
    • black-and-white blooms
    • black-and-white stripes
    (adj) not having or not capable of producing colors
    Synonyms : black and white
    Example Sentence
    • black-and-white film
    • a black-and-white TV
    • the movie was in black and white
    (adj) of a situation that is sharply divided into mutually exclusive categories
    Example Sentence
    • he rejected a black-and-white world
    • there are no black-and-white certainties
    • there were no grey areas, you were either for him or against him, he was all black-and-white
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