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    bigot - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bigot

    (noun) a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bigot

bi means two or second.one is intolerable if he GOT second thought or opinion from others

when something is BIG shOT to head; it is INTOLERENT

bigot:think Be Goat:intolerable goat.

BIGot- he is very big and he is intolerable person

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when we are angry and intolerant we say " BAIGON ... jaane de" similar to BIGOT (BAIGOT))..

Bi+GOT(God) wo mere tolerance se bahar ja raha tha

bigad(D)a -some one who is intolerant.

bi(by)+got(god)--think of a person who is excessively devoted to god and hence very much hypocritical.this person will not tolerate any opinion about god differing from his own.

BHAGAT(devout person) of indian religion is bigot

wen sum1 says BY GOD he gets irritated or intolerant if anyone quetions him

bigot: zealot !!

Bi+Got : if you have 2 seconds to do the task you will become intolerant.

read it as Bey+Got..... when we wanted to force our opinion we say in hindi " aBEYYY u GOT it!!!!!!!?????

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