Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bicker

bicker sounds like biker.Bikers always quarrel when an accident is commited

Bicker sounds like Biker The biker crashed into the car and he had a big quarrel with the owner of the car.

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Biker sounds like BEKAR(hindi) biker is to argue n quarrel...

er- er is to error,if u reemmebr in most of the cases.quarrel,is a word with a negative meaning.

~bekar ==> arrey,bekar mein ladai mat karo yaar,

bhayanak or fierceful battle

bicker sounds like liquor. and also biker liquor and biker...the sudden rexion produced by our brains is FIGHT

bicker->birds use bick for fighting

sounds like BITTER and generally bitter persons end up quarelling

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