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    betroth - Dictionary definition and meaning for word betroth

    (verb) give to in marriage
    Synonyms : affiance , engage , plight
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for betroth

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dont plan to get married otherwise i BET ki tu ROTHa(crying) hua aayega

this word,brings us to mind the word "BEDROCK", ifu remember flintstones,bedrock is the one u will remember,wr flintstones get married.

be+Troth -- sounds like truth The lovers finally fretted out the TRUTH that they both are going to marry each other after hiding their affair from past 3 years.

If you dont marry Good partner i BET tu ROTHA ayega.

when u BETROTH a woman,be TRUSTworTHY

BEROTH: BE ROTT...so after a man gets married he basically ROTTS...(cheers to bachelor life :)

aree samjh ki life truth marriage me phasana hi hain..

betroth(throat) imagine in hindi films where a father says to his daughter that he have given "bachhan"(throat)so she must marry whoever he tell

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