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    bedizen - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bedizen

    (verb) decorate tastelessly Definition
    (verb) dress up garishly and tastelessly
    Synonyms : dizen
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bedizen

bad design dress!

bed+zen--bed(bad)+zen--few bad girls who came out of that ZEN car were dressed up garishly.

Bed izen: ( Bad citizen)- Bad citizen has dress with vulgar finery!!

bad-in-zen: so there is BAD girl with vulgar dressed in Zen car

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Sounds like BEDaZzlE. Remember the bedazzler you could buy on TV that lets you BEDIZEN you clothes with rhinestones.

this is ur ZEN car not ur BED so when ui r going outside in ur zen car do not dress like as if u r not in ur bed


The BEDroom isn't (IZEN) decorated very nicely - it looks like a brothel!

if you go out in your ZEN car in your BED attire you look VULGAR tht's BEDIZEN

bad citizen

when a girl wants to take some girl in bed then she will DRESS VULGARLY.. or when u get up from bed then u r IMPROPERLY DRESSED..

sounds like DENIZEN which is the new cloth brand and old people fund it vulgar


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