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    bane - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bane

    (noun) something causing misery or death
    Synonyms : curse , nemesis , scourge
    Example Sentence
    • the bane of my life
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for bane

Modern technology is BOON OR BANE. Boon is useful and BANE is Something causing misery or death

ban+e -- Things which are harmful or poisonous (can make your life misery) are always banned by government.

sounds like CANE which CAUSES MISERY

bane...in rhyme with ... pain...so it pain when u r cursed...so:curse,somethin that makes u unhappy,that troubles u.. :)

there is a stoy of batman and bane where bane is a vilan(cause od ruin/curse)

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bane-ane. ane(u) in kannada means tick. wish i s poisonous and harmful to our head and hair.

Bane is a Pain in the Ass

the sage BANED the king of disloyal to his people

Bane should be BANNED, because it is harmful and poisonous.

Don't you know MR BANE...........ruinous person.

remember "Bane" from Dark knight rises? who tried to cause "Bane" to the people in gotham city

drugs r banned(bane)by law bcoz it causes suffering and death.

Like the DARK NIGHT RISES VILLAIN "Bane" who was harmful and poisonous to batman

Word used in video below:
text: red sofa is the bane of my life because
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