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    attrition - Dictionary definition and meaning for word attrition

    (noun) erosion by friction
    Synonyms : abrasion , corrasion , detrition
    (noun) the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice
    Synonyms : abrasion , detrition , grinding
    (noun) sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation
    Synonyms : contriteness , contrition
    (noun) a wearing down to weaken or destroy
    Example Sentence
    • a war of attrition
    (noun) the act of rubbing together; wearing something down by friction
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for attrition

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it is rythemic to NUTRITION- so rem it as ATRRUTION IS A MAL_NUTRITION,which weakens people's strength

sounds like 'at + recession'. 'At recession' time companies are at 'attrition' i.e, 'gradual weakening or wearing away'

attrition = at + rition (sounds like RATION); Due to flood, ration is available in very limited amount. there is a shortage of food everywhere in our city.

attrition has 2 meanings 1: at + friction = rubbing away by friction 2. attrition = malnutrition = decreasing strength of ppl (in workforce or opponent)

attrition sounds like CONTRIBUTION,.. so you have contributed alot in your company's performance to decrese the trade deficit.

Sounds link Adulteration, which decrease the strength of purity.

If you ATTRIbute your success in school to tuiTION(generally dull students attend private tuition)means you cant do anything on your own, so in future your salary numbers will be very low :P

the ATTRIbutes of an ION gets decreased when it gets rubbed

see trite in it which means overuse which results in wearing away of surface...

attrition= at + tri +ti +on; at tripple transmit flag on i.e .

attrition = at + tir(tripple) + ti (transmit flage) + on; Tripple transmit flag is on; i.e more friction at the path.

attrition is like attack + friction, causing it to wear off or weaken

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