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    attenuate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word attenuate

    (verb) weaken the consistency of (a chemical substance)
    Synonyms : rarefy
    (verb) become weaker, in strength, value, or magnitude Definition
    (adj) reduced in strength
    Synonyms : attenuated , faded , weakened
    Example Sentence
    • the faded tones of an old recording
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for attenuate

If tenu(=you) eat(ate) less you will attenuate

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AT+TEN+YOU+ATE(gutkha,drugs)....if at the age of ten you start eating gutkha,drugs, you will become weaker day by day and will waste your life....

attenuate...A+tenu(TEND)+ate(past form of eat,eaten(P.P))..well if bacteria TEND TO EAT (degrade)your body,that is A indication of your weak IMMUNE SYSTEM.

attenuate ~ at ten + you + ate; if you will eat only at 10 PM (once in a day), you will attenuate.

attenuate=attention+u+(h)ate ==>> if nobody give attention to you and every body hates you, you'll be weakened

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