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    assimilate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word assimilate

    (verb) take up mentally
    Synonyms : absorb , ingest , take in
    Example Sentence
    • he absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe
    (verb) become similar to one's environment
    Example Sentence
    • Immigrants often want to assimilate quickly
    (verb) make similar
    Example Sentence
    • This country assimilates immigrants very quickly
    (verb) take (gas, light or heat) into a solution
    Synonyms : imbibe
    (verb) become similar in sound
    Example Sentence
    • The nasal assimilates to the following consonant
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for assimilate

assimilate.. sounds like accumulate..so getting (accumulating) similar things together..

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try to [as]similate means try to be similar to something may be food habits, language or behaviour.


Assimilate sound like asse+millao so that it cause to be homogeneous or absorb.

AS+I+M(am)+LATE so I have to "absorb" the syllabubs quickly

When you assimilate how to simulate an ass, you will be assimilated into our community (Ass Simulators)

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