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    arraign - Dictionary definition and meaning for word arraign

    (verb) call before a court to answer an indictment Definition
    (verb) accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arraign

To rain charges on someone

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arraign= err+ again.u hv made an ERR again, so this time i will not excuse u,this time u will be CHARGED IN THE COURT.

arr(sounds like ERR means error)+ rain...when you are going to walk without an umbrella thats your error is charged to your parents.....

arraign ~ an error again; imagine you wrote some computer program which is giving you error again and again.. so you are called by your boss (kind of court) for punishment.

you first ARRANGE the suspects in front of the judge and start accusing them

AR(arrogantly)+REIGN(rule)...people who rule arrogantly and take law into their hands should be brought before a court.......

(ARRested+Rain) imagine a fellow arrested coz hes drenching in rain..how silly it is!!! thats y it is easy to remember..hope this might help u out..

your reign as the mob leader will end!

Concentrate on rain. Nowadays v accuse that rain s inadequate

police arrest, so court could arraign

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