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    arboretum - Dictionary definition and meaning for word arboretum

    (noun) a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition
    Synonyms : botanical garden
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arboretum

just remember ARBOREAL : which means living in trees. so arboretum means something pertaining to trees

AR=agricultural + BORETUM = boredum...so imagine how u get BORED in STUDIES.hence ARBORETUM is agricultural boredum.

ARBO(root word :tree)-REAL:living in tree;RATUM:place where there are studied

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ARBORE(t)um arboreum.sounds like herbarium.and it is a collection of plants & .all botany students need to prepare herbarium.....the word herb is related with small trees in herbarium you exhibit...all kind of trees and plants.......as a sample.....

arbor,arboreal,arborize all are related to trees

arboretum = arbo related to trees n retum sounds like rectum(place where human waste get collected)

Arboretum: reverse ret to tre and try to realize it as follows: Arbo+tre(e)+um Arbo = Zillion in Hindi ; therefore Arbotreeum means place where are a zillion (arbo) trees .. of different variety.

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