Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arboreal

arboreal:arrow+bow+real..made out of tree's

ar-bore-al : think of a woodpecker who makes a bore (a hole) to live in trees

Link it to arboretum (a place consisting of several trees for research purpose) arbo+ret+um arbo=large no in hindi; ret= scrambled tree

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'BORE' It si boer to live in trees like early man

ARBOREAL..sounds like AR(hara)BOR(bhara)EAL...thus indicating related to trees n greenery

ARBOREAL<===> वृक्षवासी (pr. \\vaRakShavasi \\ )[Adjective] Example:Birds are arboreal creatures .

rural areas are filled with arboreal plants

remember real fruit juice with arbo vitamins which is natural i.e made up of trees

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