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    arbitrate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word arbitrate

    (verb) act between parties with a view to reconciling differences
    Example Sentence
    • He interceded in the family dispute
    • He mediated a settlement
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arbitrate

bit-rate, bit rate is the judging or deciding parameter for the transfer rate or say speed of data transfer..

arbitrate sounds similar to "illiterate". An illiterate cannot read or judge anything. So opposite of illiterate is arbitrate.

arbitrate= (arbit=arbiter=judge)+(trate = treat= act as)

AR(arbitarty means random)+BEATER......a person who beats the hammer on the table randomly saying SILENCE SILENCE is an arbiter

ARBITRATE<===> मध्यस्थता करना/पंच फैसला देना/निर्णय करना (pr. \\madhyasthata karana/panach phaisala dena/nirNay karana \\ )[Verb] Example:In anciant India judicial cases were ar

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