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    apocryphal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word apocryphal

    (adj) being of questionable authenticity Definition
    (adj) of or belonging to the Apocrypha
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apocryphal

Apocryphal Hypocritical (of false appearance of virtue)

Derived from root "crypt" which means "secret". So, Apocryphal means "of doubtful authenticity"

Assume a girl's cry. Cry is a part of the word Apo'cry'phal. Girl's crying is false and made up. So, Apocryphal means made up or questionable.

apo+cry+phal:ur crying so mom question's u..questionable...u say fall which is untrue

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apocryphal = apo + cry + phal; so you cry realizing that your new jewellery is spurious!

APO CRY FAIL- you cry because,you fail; but that is untrue because i am sure you passed; therefore its of questionable authority...

APKO itna jyada CRY karne ka PHAL kuch nahi milne wala cozi know what ever u said is all UNTRUE,FALSE,MADE UP stories etc...

a(negative) +cryptic(secret)+phal(sounds like false) =>so it is widely known(not secret) but false

He claims to have A POCKET FULL of money, but we all know better.

Phil, the little known 13th APOstel, CRYed because his writings were deemed by the church to be PHull--of-it. The scriptures of John, Paul, George and Ringo were published but those of Phil were hidden away.

Think of the books not accepted into the Bible. They were not found in the APOSTLES' CRYPT.

APOCRYPHAL<===> मणगढ़ंत (pr. \\maNagaDhanat \\ )[Noun]

concentrate on CRY+PHAL.when ur mother asks u did u eat the PHAL(fruit)which were not ours.u CRY[u hide ur mistake ie untrue].

In the Fiction(not real/true) film if one ate that PHAL(fruit) he/she would CRY for the whole day.

apolo+cry:-remember the greek god appolo,in the situation of disaster greek pepole says that appolo is crying.but it is not true thats why we can say apolcryphal means wide spread thing but untrue

Assume writer wrote in article a girl APO CRY for PHAL(fruit) which is not seem true.. Doubtful orginity, a questionable authorship or authenticity.

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