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    apathy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word apathy

    (noun) an absence of emotion or enthusiasm Definition
    (noun) the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apathy

consider pathy==sympathy, there are two words. 1. antipathy = dislike 2. apathy = disinterested Since "anti" is stronger than "a".. disliking is 1 step above disinterested..

apathy sounds like chapathy means roti in hindi.so say i dont like chapathi i like breads only.

a (negative) + pathy : root "pathy" means feeling as in sympathy; so apathy means having no feeling for others or lacking interest in something.

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choosing "A"Path or "B" Path doesnot make anydifference(indifferent)


pathy+patni: panti(wife) is trying to attract pathy(husband). But he does not show any interest.

APATHY<===> उदासीनता (pr. \\udasinata \\ )[Noun] Example:There is certain apathy about the economic condition among the public.

relate it to Apathetic-meaning indifferent

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