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    anthology - Dictionary definition and meaning for word anthology

    (noun) a collection of selected literary passages
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for anthology

nth, we say nth term in maths,so N number of writers compiling and publishing there written stories,acc to Oxford: a collection of poems, stories, etc. that have been written by different people and published together in a book

like ants groups, groups or collections of literacy sections as logy relates to literate sections

anth(rhymes with granth=book : hindi)log=people =>a book of various people's writings

Anthology:anthony in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY movie means amitabh bachhan +logy means study.so anthony brigs many books on cart to study them in church to make impressio on heroin

ANTHOny+LOGY(ic):he collected poems,stories,etc. of various authors and published a book on his name...

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anthem + logy >> the various anthems of various nations clubbed together in a book..

(Ant + logy)In childhood we heard a story on ants..cheema cheema enduku kuttav ante naa puttalo velu pedithe kuttanaa..annadi anta..

this is for those who know antony hopkins...okay i remember this word as ANTHOny hopkins(a actor) has a LOG(remember log reports?) which contains collection of poems writen by his favourite authors.. imagine MR hannibal poetic ;)

anthology: means where anth i.e end of the events is written over there in form of poem, prose,play, drama etc.

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