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    annex - Dictionary definition and meaning for word annex

    (noun) an addition that extends a main building
    Synonyms : annexe , extension , wing
    (verb) take (territory) as if by conquest
    Example Sentence
    • Hitler annexed Lithuania
    (verb) attach to
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for annex


Annexure in any application form refers to some additional sheets attached with it

AN EX spouse always tries to take away your premises and property and ATTACH it to her belongings

To remember the other meaning of annex .i.e. to take a part of the territory by force... Break annex as A + nax(alite) .. who is a rebel and tries to take territory by force .


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A+NEX hitler always tried to pocess a next kingdom


ANNEX<===> साथ जोडना/संलग्न करना (pr. \\sath joDana/sanalagn karana \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:West and East Germany were annexed due to the efforts of the people.

annex sounds like connect.

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