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    amortize - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amortize

    (verb) liquidate gradually
    Synonyms : amortise
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for amortize

mortal means killing or deadly...so when someone is killed he liquidates gradually.. (or his assets liquidate, because people always want to snatch properties)

mortal means killing, amortize means a+mortal killing something by that way it gradually liquefied than just imagine ICECUBE. If u kill it it gng to liquefy

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mortar means a solid mixture of cement, sand etc a+mortize: not solidify but liquify your assets

amortize = am + or (again more) + t (short) + ize (size); I am again becomes short size i.e. decreasing gradually.

A + mor + tize = a + more + ties. tie is worn by people of high respect. so when you are paying off the debts, you start getting respect.

amortize== amortal, so money is the only immortal..so liquid cash

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