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    amorphous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amorphous

    (adj) having no definite form or distinct shape
    Synonyms : formless , shapeless
    Example Sentence
    • amorphous clouds of insects
    • an aggregate of formless particles
    • a shapeless mass of protoplasm
    (adj) lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies
    Synonyms : unstructured
    (adj) without real or apparent crystalline form
    Example Sentence
    • an amorphous mineral
    • amorphous structure
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for amorphous

In Greek 'morphe' means shape/form. So, amorphous(a + morph + ous) means 'without shape/shapeless'. Similarly 'morphing' means shaping(the original). 'Metamorphosis' = Change in form/nature

amorphous = a[morf]us = on reversing morf become --> a+form+us i.e something without form.. or something lacking shape..

Alas! I can't creat any mnemonic for this word! Because the word 'Amorphous' has no distinct shape.

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morph= change shape amorphous = no shape

amorphous-a+morp(marpu)+us....in telugu marpu means change in smthng...so the word itself says dat it is filled with a change or formless.

amoeba is amorphous in shape,,, ;P

Remember MORPHEOUS IN MATRIx movie...he is a strong guy so here amorpheous a means not...:)

amorphous morphous means shape(morphology study of shapes and sizes ) a means without hence amorphous means without regular crystalline shape

AMORPHOUS<===> आकारहीन (pr. \\Akarahin \\ )[Noun]

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