amorous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amorous

(adj) inclined toward or displaying love
Synonyms : amative
Example Sentence
  • feeling amorous
(adj) expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance
Synonyms : amatory , romantic
Example Sentence
  • her amatory affairs
  • amorous glances
  • a romantic adventure
  • a romantic moonlight ride

Memory aid to help you memorize this

a+mor(moral)+ us(less) so a moral less love...sexual love
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Amorous has "More" in it. People tend to ask for "More" during Sex or when in love ;)
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In spanish, amor means amorous means lovable or something worth loving.
7        1
amorous ~ am (I alone) or Us (we together); We love each other.
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Amorous comes from the name of the Roman god of love, Amor, a word sometimes used for "love" in the French spelling. The basic verb here is amare, the root of which comes from the imitative sounds of a baby calling it mother,ma
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a more of us talking is expressing or feeling love
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amorous:think of a folk song- a moro Saiyaan...
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On Facebook, there's this lady called Amora the love guru who provides love tips if you subscribe to that application
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amorous ~ aam + ras; people are generally inclined towards aam (mango) ras (juice) in summers.
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