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    amicable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amicable

    (adj) characterized by friendship and good will
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for amicable

amicable ~ am + I + cable; there is a cable (friendly connection) between me (I) and him

amicable= tkae mic means microphone which always makes sound and opposite of it is peaceful.

Amicable: A Mic on the tAble (an unused mic is always peaceful)

a+mic+able.mic is able to produce noises...a negates the meaning...hence peaceful

amicable = a(not)+ mic(microphone)+ able..if a mic is not able den it is peaceful...

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the word reminds of "mic"key mouse who is friendly

am i cable:Movie Cable Guy and the friendly nature of Jim Carrey i.e. amicable

ammi(mother) cable wale se politely, in a friendly manner se baat kar rahi hain because the cable wala has the power to cut the cable!!!!!

AMICABLE<===> मित्रवत् (pr. \\mitravat \\ )[Adjective] Example:The two parties do not seem to reach an amicable settlement. AMICABLE<===> मैत्रीपूर्ण (pr. \\maitripurN \\ )[Noun]

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